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Working With Nahuel Guzmán.

Hey there! A couple of years ago, I got to work for the first time both with AFIRME bank and one of soccer’s greatest goalkeepers: Nahuel Guzmán. He plays in Tigres team and also in the Argentina National Team. Surprisingly he’s a great actor and more importantly, a great guy to work with.

This was the beginning of a series of TVCs I made for the same Agency, client and star. Here's the making of clip of the first ad:

Here's the finished piece:

Then we were called to shoot sort of a sequel ad:

AAAAND... finally, they called us at the end of 2018 to shoot what became one of my favorite commercials. For this one I teamed up with former AD Charly Ramírez to co-direct. I say this is one of my favorite pieces because it holds up as an ad for the bank, but also for my team Tigres, and also as a homage to the best Goalkeeper in Tigres' History:

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