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I first heard the word "boudoir" during the COVID-19 quarantine.


I was offering pre sales of photoshoots, and a couple of friends asked me if I did boudoir sessions. Never heard of it.

So I started doing extensive research that allowed me to understand the concept, and discover many great boudoir photographers. When I read testimonials of clients, when I saw Michael Sasser's clients opening their albums for the first time and being so moved, I said,


"that's it. I want to be part of that high". 

I want to be an ally for women to feel like that. To be empowered. To fall in love with themselves. Again.

I want you to feel awesome, sexy and comfortable #InYourOwnSkin.

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Eres bonita. Eres única. Eres poderosa. Eres tú.

Quiero ser parte de que te sientas poderosa, sexy, y cómoda #InYourOwnSkin.

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