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I'm a Writer too

Like an I-even-got-a-diploma kind of writer.

Sorry for the cliché, but when they say "the ride is better than the destination", as a writer you pretty soon find out it's true. I'm a writer because I write screenplays and short stories, even though I haven't been published...yet.


But you know what, when you consider yourself a writer, there's no escape from that. You need the thrill of the blank page, the nervousness of letting the first reader go through your story. 

Go on... here you will find short posts about my filmmaking projects, but every now and then you'll find a short story to lose yourself into. Hopefully.

I'm a writer. I just can't help it.


...aaand I'm a father too.

These are all personal, improvised videos I make of my children, pets and all-things-domestic. Whenever I see something interesting going on, I grab my Sony α7sii and start shooting.

All Family Tales are shot, cut, and coloured by yours truly using available light only.


Geeky stuff:

Shot on a Sony α7sii.

Rokinon CineDS lenses (14mm, 35mm & 135mm).

Sound recorded directly on camera mic. (I know... I know...)

Cut and Coloured on FCPX.